Test Drive 2015 Honda Accord near Denver CO

Test Drive 2015 Honda Accord near Denver Littleton CO

2015 Honda Accord

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Test Drive 2015 Honda Accord near Denver Littleton CO

The 2015 Honda Accord received the Car and Driver's 10 Best list 29 times. With that kind of reputation, it's no wonder why people who love to drive rave over this sedan. It boasts a five person seating capacity, and enough trunk room to make it possible to enjoy this car on a long-distance trek across the countryside, or a quick jaunt to the grocery store. The 2015 Accord features a full complement of advanced technologies designed to make your drive more enjoyable and safe. Every Honda Accord comes fully equipped with a rearview camera as part of a concerted effort to reduce pedestrian injuries. The sedan comes in six trims, with one sure to fit your budget, lifestyle and attitude. Whether you need a solid business car for company meetings, or a nice family car to take on outings, the Honda Accord provides all the features you need.


Honda Accord InteriorThe Interior of this sedan features a full range of potential upgrades and add-ons to make this car more comfortable and convenient. The intelligent, multi-information display screen gets you in touch with all of your vehicle's various systems. With an 8-inch screen, you can easily view incoming text messages and find music using the Pandora music service or your USB device. Performance stats help you keep abreast of fuel consumption, trip range and provides a way to customize the background with your own personal image. Choose between efficiency or increased acceleration with the press of a button. A one-touch power moonroof lets you see the stars at night, or get some extra sunshine during the day. For added convenience, steering wheel controls let you access important features to answer a phone call or change the music. Each Honda comes with comfortable seats that are best experienced through a dealer to test drive 2015 Honda Accord near Denver Littleton CO. KUNI Honda in Centennial is ready to take you out on the road, and show you all the magnificent features provided by this excellent car.

Honda Accord Exterior

The 2015 Accord is a modern reinvention of a true classic car. The front grille sports a look that screams athleticism mixed with sophistication. Alloy wheels come standard, and the added touch helps enhance the look and feel of the sedan. The panels are constructed with aerodynamics in mind to provide extra fuel efficiency and excellent handling. Detailing and contoured panels adorn this vehicle and the dual-exhaust pipes help give this sedan a sporty, sleek and balanced look. Security is a key feature with a remote entry and trunk release. SmartEntry lets you keep your keys in your pocket when you're getting in or out of your car. The feature detects when your key fob is in the presence of the front door, and it gives you the option to unlock the door with ease. No more fumbling for your keys at night, or playing the lock/unlock game while others are trying to enter the vehicle. A small button on the outside of the Accord lets you lock your door with ease. The vehicle also features fog lights, one-touch turn indicators, and heated power side mirrors on select models. When you go for a test drive, be sure to try out the keyless entry features to get a better understanding of how this vehicle works.

Honda Accord Powertrain

A 6-speed automatic transmission helps you kick up the speed a notch and experience an extremely smooth driving experience. The added sixth gear helps you accelerate more quickly and take full advantage of the 185-horsepower, 2.4-liter, 16-valve engine that comes standard. There is also an upgraded 278-horsepower, 3.5-liter, 24-valve engine that delivers excellent performance regardless of the engine speed. An independent multi-link rear suspension provides better handling and improved control. Test drive 2015 Honda Accord models today to get a better feel for how all of these features work together to provide an unprecedented ride.

Honda Accord Mechanical

Active noise cancellation is a feature that uses the audio system to actively cancel out out-of-phase sound waves. This reduces the engine noise inside the cabin and provides a more pleasant, calm driving experience. If you're the type that likes listening to classical music in the car, this car makes it possible by letting the highs and lows come through clearly without the need to adjust the volume. MacPherson strut front suspension is an upgrade to the 2015 model, and a rebound spring in the shock tube keeps you glued to the road. Avoid the problems associated with gear hunting on climbs, and when going downhill using the Grade Logic Control system.

Honda Accord Safety

Honda LaneWatch is a feature that alerts you to traffic to your side when you're leaving your lane. It reduces the possibility of not seeing a car in your blind spot, and decreases the risk of an accident. The Forward Collision Warning system uses a small camera mounted to the front of the sedan that detects if a vehicle is in front of you. The Touring trim is a bit more advanced with a radar sensor that can determine speed as well. If the FCW system detects the potential for a collision, it alerts you with audio and visual cues to help you make the right split-second decision. Rearview cameras help you stay safe when backing up, and a lane departure warning system lets you know when you're about to leave your lane. Contact KUNI Honda to Test Drive the 2015 Honda Accord. Test Drive 2015 Honda Accord sedans to find out why this car is consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction. A test drive 2015 Honda Accord near Denver Littleton CO proves the value and importance of the little details that Honda has put into making this the best Honda Accord to date. With various price points, there is a car that is certain to meet your needs.

*The above information is regarding the base model
2015 Honda Accord. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.