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2015 Honda Odyssey

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2015 Honda Odyssey serving  Denver in Centennial CO

The 2015 Odyssey sports   several options designed to provide you with a custom-fit car that   conforms to your individual needs. Whether taking the kids to  soccer  practice, going to the store to get groceries or taking the  family  on a much-deserved vacation, the 2015 Odyssey provides the  seating  capacity and gas mileage necessary to get you safely around  town.  The 2015 Odyssey is the car for you if you want to get good  gas  mileage, tow several people along with their baggage, and  experience  the latest in form and function. Drop by Centennial  Honda to talk  about your options, take a test drive and get into  your new Honda  today! Contact Kuni Honda for current offers and  finance options.


  2015 Honda Odyssey Information l Denver CO Area Dealer

Honda Odyssey InteriorIf it  is truly what's on the inside that counts, this car has a  lot for you to be grateful for. When life presents you with  challenges, it's nice to have a vehicle that can help you  get away from it all in style. The interior of the Odyssey  features enough room to keep your entire family comfortable  without having to worry about finding space for your  belongings. The second row features a wide-mode adjustable  seat section with armrests and a walk-in feature.  The wide-mode feature allows the side seats to slide from  left to right up to 1.5 inches. The walk-in feature allows  for easy movement within the cabin without having to climb  over seats or open the side door. The third row is a  combination seat that allows you to fold it in for  additional cargo space, or pull it out to seat more people.  A wide collection of gadgets and enhancements make  the interior more convenient and comfortable. HondaLink  keeps your media, music and information at your fingertips.  Access new and information, social media and  get personalized searches for restaurants and nearby  attractions. Keep the family entertained on long trips with  audio books, Internet radio and other connectivity  technologies. The push button start feature allows you to  start your car without taking your keys out of your purse or  pockets, and the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system makes  connecting your cell phone a breeze for true hands-free  communications. Mounted controls on the steering wheel make  it easier to control the vehicle without having to take your  eyes off the road. Additionally, a built-in cool box helps  keep drinks and other snacks cold while you drive. The box  can hold up to six 12-ounce cans or four 20-ounce  bottles. Consult with a Centennial Honda Dealer serving  Denver Littleton Highlands Ranch Colorado to talk about your  options for a new Honda.


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Honda Odyssey Exterior

If you've  never experienced a ride with   touring wheels, you must contact  a Centennial Honda Dealer   serving Denver Littleton, Highlands Ranch. Colorado for a  test drive. Touring wheels use a  softer rubber and make  the  entire ride much smoother. Additionally, good quality  tires  make it possible to stop faster  and give the vehicle  a sporty,  athletic and stylish appearance.  Centennial  Honda can introduce  you to the 2015 Odyssey with its   18-inch alloy wheels, heated  power side mirrors with  integrated turn indicators and high-density headlights.  Getting  in and out of the car is effortless with the smart  entry  system, power sliding doors and  a power tailgate.  The smart  entry system detects when the  key fob is near  the vehicle and  allows you to lock and unlock  your doors  easily. The rear roofline spoiler includes an  integrated  brake light that  lends the Odyssey a modern,  high-tech and  sophisticated  look. Get a close-up view of  this vehicle by  contacting Kuni Honda in Centennial, a Honda  Dealer serving  Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch Colorado.

 Research Information on the 2015  Honda Odyessy near Denver CO l  KUNI Honda in Centennial CO
Honda Odyssey Powertrain

The Odyssey  features a high-output V6  engine  that produces a whopping 248  horsepower. What this  translates  to in practical terms is that  this car has  serious passing  power. On long road trips, you  can pass  other cars with ease  and know that your vehicle has  the  power to get you where you  need to go. Even with the  strong  performance, the fuel-efficient  vehicle offers a no  compromise  approach to gas mileage. A six-speed transmission powers  the vehicle  and gives it a  smooth, even transition over  each of the  gears.

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Honda Odyssey Mechanical

With six  speeds, there will be no bumps   and starts as you move between  gears, making this a truly   comfortable and efficient ride.  Finally, this car features  the  intelligent Variable Cylinder  Management (VCM) system.  This  system automatically detects the  best options for  your engine and  runs on three, four or six  cylinders  depending on the power  requirements. This gives you   exceptional climbing power  combined with efficient   cruising. Test drive this new  Honda by finding a dealer  that  offers the 2015 Honda Odyssey  serving Denver CO.

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Honda Odyssey Safety

Crash  protection is important for   drivers and passengers. Many  cars are built to protect the   front driver and passenger seats  first, and seem to include  a few  safety features for other  passengers as an  afterthought.  The Odyssey not only takes into  account  drivers and passengers,  but pedestrians and other  drivers  on the road as well. The  vehicle is designed to protect   you and everyone else on the  road. Blind-spot information   systems, multi-angle rearview  camera, anti-lock brakes,  and  the Advanced Compatibility  Engineering (ACE) body  structure  are designed to protect  everyone. Additional  features to  make your car safer includes  daytime running  lights. active  head restraints and electronic  brake  distribution. The vehicle  automatically balances the load   on the brakes to ensure an equal  and proportional braking  force  applies to all of the brakes.  This helps to ensure a  quick and  seamless stop. Forward collision  warning systems  provide a small  camera that detects vehicles you  are in  danger of hitting and  alerts you. Lane departure  warning  lets you know when  you're leaving a lane and a tire   pressure monitoring system  ensures your tires stay at   optimal capacity. Look for a  dealer that offers the 2015   Honda Odyssey serving Denver CO.  Centennial Honda provides   excellent service and support,  and wants to show you how  they  make the car buying experience  fun, enjoyable and  hassle-free.  When you're looking for a dealer  with the  2015 Honda Odyssey  serving Denver CO, you can trust  the  people at Kuni Honda in Centennial Colorado. Serving Denver  area Honda shoppers.


*The above information is regarding the base model 
2015 Honda Odyssey. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle  you're inquiring about.