Honda FCEV Concept Review l Serving Littleton, Denver in Centennial, Colorado 

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Review of the Honda FCEV Concept. Information Denver, Centennial CO.

Overview of the Honda FCEV Concept. Serving Littleton, Denver from Centennial, Colorado from Kuni Honda.
Since its world debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show November 20, 2013, the sleek and aerodynamic Honda FCEV Concept has been keeping the world on tinder hooks waiting for the next news and developments. With sweeping lines, a bold exterior and a very, very well designed and engineered aerodynamic body, the Honda FCEV Concept delivers on Honda's full promise of a roomy, comfy interior. With powertrain packaging efficiencies that load into the Honda FCEV Concept very ample passenger room to seat five adults and plenty of room for gear and cargo, it's clear this vehicle will strike that perfect balance between performance and efficiency. We'll know more when this next-generation of Honda fuel cell-electric vehicles, the Honda FCEV Concept, is launched in the US and Japan in 2015.
Interior  Denver CO Area Honda Dealership l Honda FCEV Concept
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We can be certain of one very exciting thing about the Honda FCEV Concept: it will have a very roomy interior. This is the natural conclusion because of Honda's promise that the FCEV's powertrain components will be build to preserves cabin space and provides for an ample, highly flexible vehicle architecture. This will include isolation of the fuel cell stack and electric motor, items that often take up a lot of interior space in other alternative fuel vehicles. That isn't going to happen in the Honda FCEV Concept. With less room taken up by the powertrain, the Honda FCEV Concept is expected to seat up to five adults comfortable and to provide ample space for gear and cargo.
Exterior  Honda FCEV Concept l Information serving Denver, Littleton, Centennial, CO
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The definition of futuristic exterior design clearly is being rewritten by the Honda FCEV Concept. With its short, angled hood, steeply raked windshield and smooth, gliding roof the Honda FCEV Concept clearly puts forward the best face that can be designed by the very best of Honda's engineers. The design even plays with light all along the front and inside the pseudo-grille, giving it a backlit quality no other vehicle in its class ever has mastered. The roof tapers into the rear window that lays almost horizontal behind the back seats. A proper head turner, to be sure. Just wait til the Honda FCEV Concept is in your driveway. Serving Denver CO.
Mechanical  Kuni Honda l New Car Dealership in Centennial, CO l Denver Area
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The Honda FCEV Concept, Honda's next generation in fuel cell-electric vehicles, is expected to arrived in 2015 with a unique powertrain that packages the engine area away from the cabin to make for more interior space. As for the engine itself inside the Honda FCEV Concept, Honda has made incredible and significant technological advancements to the fuel-cell stack. These advancements have produced a fuel cell that reportedly yields more than 100kW of powerful output. This is expected to translate into a driving range for the Honda FCEV Concept of more than 300 miles.
Powertrain  Honda FCEV 
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The most important engineered feature in the Honda FCEV Concept is how its powertrain compartmentalizes its entire powertrain. Earlier fuel-cell vehicles have suffered from large powertrain components, such as bulky engines, pressurized tanks and electricity producing fuel cell tanks. In those vehicles, interior cabin space usually has been sacrificed to make room for that power train. The Honda FCEV Concept is changing all that. Instead of cutting into interior space, the Honda FCEV fuel-cell stacks are incorporated fully into what would be the engine bay in a conventional vehicle. The stack size of the fuel-cell itself also has been reduced by 33 percent with no sacrifice made in power and performance. The result is a roomy interior in the Honda FCEV Concept.
Safety  Request more information Honda FCEV Concept: from Kuni Honda
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Honda isn't revealing its hand about the many and ample safety features in its FCEV Concept. Clearly there needs to be some happy surprises to be unveiled at roll out. So we can't say for sure. However, if it's anything like Honda's other fine line of vehicles, we certainly can expect features like those we see in other refined Honda vehicles. Based on that, standard safety features in the Honda FCEV Concept could include radio anti-theft; engine immobilizer; child safety door locks on the rear doors; valet lockout; hill start control; brake assistance; vehicle stability control system; traction control; a-wheel anti-lock brakes; front power 282-mm ventilated disc brakes and rear power 282-mm disc brakes; front Seatbelt Height Adjusters and airbags throughout. Centennial Honda dealer serving Littleton and Denver, Colorado.
*The above information is regarding the base model of the Honda FCEV Concept Sport. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used model you're inquiring about