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A continuously variable transmission (CVT) (also known as a single-speed transmission, step-less transmission or pulley transmission) is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios. This contrasts with other mechanical transmissions that offer a fixed number of gear ratios. The flexibility of a CVT allows the input shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity.


A belt-driven design offers approximately 88% efficiency, which, while lower than that of a manual transmission, can be offset by lower production cost and by enabling the engine to run at its most efficient speed for a range of output speeds. When power is more important than economy, the ratio of the CVT can be changed to allow the engine to turn at the RPM at which it produces greatest power. This is typically higher than the RPM that achieves peak efficiency. In low-mass low-torque applications a belt driven CVT also offers ease of use and mechanical simplicity


Using the engine's efficient range to improve fuel economy


Engines have a speed range in which they are most efficient. CVT keeps the engine running within this range, improving fuel economy.


Smooth gear changes mean a smoother ride


Automatic transmissions that use gears need to switch between gear positions, while CVT does not. Since power from the engine is continuously fed to the tires, the ride is smoother.


How CVT infinitely controls power from the engine to the tires


With CVT, diameters of the areas where the two pulleys meet the belt can be infinitely varied. Each pulley consists of two conical plates facing each other, which by moving closer or further apart, changes the diameter of the area meeting the belt. The belt consists of metallic rings and segments, and is flexible and durable.


"Honda Control" realizes a sporty ride


With Honda's CVT, when the car determines it is driving in a sporty manner, such as on a winding mountain road, it automatically maintains a higher engine speed - a Honda-unique feature.


This allows a sporty and smooth ride with deceleration that efficiently uses engine braking, stable cornering by maintaining driving power and powerful acceleration at the engine's most powerful speed range.



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