Check Engine Light


What do you do if your check engine light comes on?

The two most common problems are either your gas cap is loose, damaged or missing or a misfire in the engine's cylinder has occurred. If a misfire is the cause, pull over and allow your vehicle to cool. Other reasons may be: 

  • Issues with Ignition Coil 
  • Braking System Performance Issues
  • Problem with the Transmission
  • Catalytic Converter may need replacing
  • Airflow or Oxygen Sensors 
  • Spark Plus or Plug Wires

We always suggest that you schedule an appointment or stop by our service center if your check engine light comes on to avoid damage to your vehicle and costly repairs.

Our trained and certified technicians will thoroughly diagnose your maintenance issues by using your vehicle's computer diagnostic system. This will allow our technicians to pinpoint the precise part or component that needs to be repaired.

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