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The 2019 Honda Ridgeline: All You Want in a New Truck

In the market for a new truck in Denver? Well, look no further than one of Honda's latest creations. The versatile 2019 Honda Ridgeline arrived at our Honda dealership in Centennial recently, and it’s a beautiful sight.

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Exclusively manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama, this new Ridgeline is an American-made superstar that isn't your grandfather's pickup. Instead, it's one sweet ride that merges rugged dependability with cozy comfort. Honda hails it as the "ultimate tailgate vehicle." Notably, the experts happen to agree; U.S. News & World Report describes the Ridgeline as "a great truck" 

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8 Places to Watch July 4th Fireworks Near Centennial, CO

What’s going on in Centennial this Independence Day? Fireworks, fireworks, and even more fireworks! If you need something to occupy your time this Fourth of July, look no further than one of these 8 great holiday events. From Denver to Aurora to Littleton, Colorado is jampacked with pyrotechnic-themed excitement this July 4th.

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Castle Rock’s 4th of July Fireworks

When: July 4 (9:30 PM)
Where: Red Hawk Golf Course (or anywhere in Castle Rock, CO)
Website: crgov.com

The 15-minute fireworks show in Castle Rock begins at 9:30, and you can view them from just about…

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Do Red Cars Get More Speeding Tickets? And Answers to Other FAQs

As the myth goes, flashy red cars are most likely to garner attention from cops—as well as their radar guns. But is it true?

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 Surprisingly, this urban legend is somewhat accurate. Some studies have drawn conclusions that red vehicles are more likely to be pulled over when compared to most of their counterparts. White cars are ticketed at the highest rate (19%), followed by red (16%), gray (10%), and silver vehicles (5%).


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20 Best 2018 Spring Events near Denver

Need something to do in Denver this spring? There’s only so many trips you can take to Union Station or the art museum before you go crazy. Add a little variety to your spring calendar! Here are 20 of the top Denver events to plan for in 2018.

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2018 Denver Spring Wine Festival

Date: April 21 @ 4 PM
Location: Rackhouse Pub (Denver)
Website: facebook.com

For under $40, you can lap up the nicest fermented grape juice (aka. vino) in all the land. Tickets include a 2-hour wine tasting, finger foods, live music, and prizes. Just be sure to…

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Honda HR-V vs. CR-V vs. Pilot: Which SUV is Best for You?

If you are in the market for a new SUV in Denver, there are a lot of choices out there. But picking an SUV blindly is much like driving blindly—it’s not a smart move. To help you out, let’s look at the crossover offerings from Honda, and we’ll explain what differentiates them from each other and their competitors.

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Honda HR-V

The 2018 HR-V is Honda's smallest and most affordable SUV. A crossover built on the Fit platform, it offers more space and a slightly larger size than its hatchback cousin.

Although it understandably has less…

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Exterior 2018 Honda Ridgeline near Denver CO

Exterior 2018 Honda Ridgeline near Denver CO
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Kuni Honda is offering Denver shoppers the 2018 Honda Ridgeline

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline is a vehicle that covers a lot of bases.  It can haul a family safely and it can haul about anything you can fit in the bed.  This truck is offered in several exterior colors and trim levels along with 18 inch wheels.  The lines on the body set this truck apart from any other truck on the road. Click here to read more or contact Kuni Honda for more information.

Request more info on the 2018 Ridgeline

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Honda Highlights from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show

For car enthusiasts, the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) is the country’s premier annual car show. Now in its 111th year, NAIAS remains the reigning king of automobile shows this side of the Atlantic. Wiggling in between the Big Three (General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford) at each Detroit Auto Show, Honda has captivated the public's imagination with exciting new offerings and updates every year. For 2018, nothing’s changed.

Photo: automobiles.honda.com

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Exterior 2019 Honda Insight Centennial CO

Exterior 2019 Honda Insight Centennial CO
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First look at the new 2019 Honda Insight Centennial CO

The 2019 Honda Insight will be sold at Kuni Honda in Centennial CO. The first thing you will notice is the redesigned sleek body style of this Sedan.  The  2019 Honda Insight is offered in several different trim levels and color pallets.  You will also have your choice of several different wheel sizes.  All of these choices ensure that your new Honda Insight will stand out on the road. Click here to read more or contact Kuni Honda for more information.

Request more info…
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Interior - 2018 Honda Accord Sedan near Denver CO

The 2018 Honda Accord Sedan is loaded with features and technology.  Its perfect for a daily driver or a cross-country vehicle because of the gas mileage it gets.  Leather trim and heated front seats come in some models. But, all models have a spacious cabin and an air of satisfaction and peace. Come down and see what all the fuss is about.  The Accord has been a favorite for years and is known for reliability…
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