Why 2020 Honda Accord vs 2020 Nissan Altima in Centennial CO
KUNI Honda - Why 2020 Honda Accord vs 2020 Nissan Altima in Centennial CO

As two of the oldest midsize sedan nameplates around, the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima are virtually unchanged in the 2020 model year. Although both are some of the most popular sedan choices, the Accord has several advantages over its Nissan counterpart. They include engine output, amount of interior space, number of driver-assistance features, and level of ride quality.

Although the Honda Accord and the Nissan Altima each offer two I4 engine choices, the former has more engine output for increased acceleration ability. Both Accord engines are turbocharged I4s with enough power for a lively performance on the road. By comparison, the Altima’s lower-level engine is a regular I4 while the upper-level engine is a turbocharged one.

In addition, the Accord provides more interior space than the Altima. Passenger volume on the Accord is, at most, 4.8 cubic feet larger than that of the Altima. Even with the lessened amount of passenger volume on some of the trims, the Accord owner still gets 1.9 more cubic feet Also, the trunk on the Accord provides 1.3 more cubic feet of cargo space than that of the Altima.

The 2020 Accord has far more standard driver-assistance features than the 2020 Altima. Although they share certain features while exclusively having others, the Accord provides eight driver-assistance technologies while the Altima provides five.

The 2020 Accord and the 2020 Altima are mechanically similar, even though the ride quality is not. They both have a MacPherson strut front suspension, multi-link rear suspension, and dual-pinion electric power steering. However, the Accord is far more athletic than the Altima. Indeed, it is deemed one of the most athletic vehicles in the midsize sedan sector.

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