Congratulations! Opa! Mazel tov! Your magical marital tour is set to begin – right after decorating your car with a special “just married” sign and wedding decorations. Whether you choose traditional tin cans or something kookier, there are a few important factors to consider before plastering your car with paint, tape and stickers. Check ‘em out below.

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·         …write on windows with safe materials like bar soap, shoe polish or liquid chalk.

·         …opt to tie on decorations rather than use tape or adhesive.

·         …task your best man or groomsmen to decorate the vehicle (it’s a tradition).

·         …get prices quotes from florists and designers in your area if you’re interested in a personalized flower garland, bunting, wreaths or streamers.

·         …ask your guests, friends and family members to help by designing and decorating one tin can each.

·         …have a grand old time and use your imagination to create a wedding getaway car that’s unique and playful.

·         …check with your local police department to ensure your decorations aren’t going to break any laws or ordinances.

·         …consider converting a pickup truck like the Honda Ridgeline into a wedding-day hayride, complete with fancy decorations.

·         …get help from other members of the wedding party if you’re running low on ideas or time.

·         …incorporate some design elements inside the vehicle.



·         …use decorations or materials that will stain or ruin the vehicle’s paint, including spray paint (duh), duct tape or electrical tape, whipped cream, glue, and silly string.

·         …use decorations that aren’t biodegradable, like Styrofoam or plastic.

·         …leave sharp edges on any tin cans, as this can be a potential hazard to other vehicles’ tires.

·         …attach any decoration that blocks the license plate or rearview camera.

·         …cover any part of the windshield or rear window that would obstruct a driver’s view.

·         …decorate a rented vehicle or limo without prior authorization from the owner or rental company.

·         …add any decoration that would damage another motorist or pedestrian if it detached and flew off while the vehicle is in motion.

·         …dismiss fake or silk flowers, which are more resilient to the elements and heat.

·         …wait until the last minute to decorate.

·         …forget to stick to the wedding’s overarching color scheme and theme when designing the car.


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