Are These the Best Honda Commercials of All Time?

On February 4, “The Big Game of 2018” will be underway at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Sadly, the Denver Broncos will not be in the game after a 5-11 season. However, the true spirit of the Orange Crush can never really be crushed (there’s always next year). Plus, we all know that the highest entertainment factor once the first quarter begins is found in the commercials.

In the meantime, a trip down memory lane with Honda's best car commercials is sure to entertain you. So, grab some hot wings, chips and salsa, and a cold drink, then join us in watching what may be the best Honda commercials and videos we could find.

The Power of Dreams

This Honda video celebrates the 20th anniversary of the CR-V, too. Come check out the latest 2018 CR-V for sale today at our Honda dealership near Denver.In 2017, Honda's "Power of Dreams" commercial launched during The Big Game and showcases the idea of never giving up on your dreams. The company's founder, Soichiro Honda, had to overcome multiple obstacles in building and making Honda a successful company. The power of dreams is embedded in the culture of the company to this day, which has allowed Honda to be a major competitor in the global car industry.


Ridgeline: The "Queen" of Midsize Trucks

In 2016, Honda's Ridgeline pickup truck commercial had a spot during The Game. It features adorable wooly sheep singing Queen's "Somebody to Love." The New Truck to Love ad praises the truck’s in-bed audio system, which just one of the best parts of the Ridgeline (check out the in-bed trunk/cooler if you want to tailgate at a Broncos game next year).

Innovation in Paper Form

A couple years have passed since Honda's "Paper" car ad took us through the innovation of motorcycles, cars, boats, airplanes, and their moon dune buggy. It tells a story and showcases Honda's achievements in the automotive world and beyond, proving that Honda’s future is as large as its dreams. The ad’s tagline is, "You never know where a dream will lead you." Indeed.

The predecessor to "Paper" came out with a similar theme of displaying the evolution of Honda's automotive enterprises through the years. It starts with the simple question: "What can curiosity create?" That echoes the underlying theme of the company's overall vision to follow dreams. Their hand model is pleasing to the eyes, too.

Sometimes Speeding is “Legal”

This funny commercial features the Civic Type R and reminds us of Honda's international presence in the market. The Civic Type R is sure to get your pregnant wife to the delivery room! Check out our inventory of Honda Civic models for sale to find your accommodating speedster.

Happy Honda Days, Every Day

Over many Christmas seasons, Honda has held a series of Happy Honda Days sales events. This "Holiday Detour" shows traditional holiday family outings of viewing Christmas lights and driving to Grandma's house in the comfort of an Odyssey and Pilot. The catchy, upbeat tune is "Holiday Road" – the theme song from the movie Christmas Vacation. Fitting.

The Odyssey and Pilot are excellent choices no matter the season, so be sure and as your local Honda dealer for lease offers on these family-friendly rides.

A Journey Back in Time

Take a journey dancing through the decades with the Accord through 70's disco, 80's synthesizers, and 90's pop. The new 2018 Accord is revealed at the end, and we clearly see that Honda is constantly changing, innovating, and improving its best-selling sedan. We have plenty of 2018 Honda Accords for sale at Kuni, so come in to take a test drive if you need a new car.

Singing Honda’s Praises

Ever want to know what driving a Honda feels like? A quick trip to Kuni Honda for a test drive would help, but if you’re too comfy on the couch, watch the video above. This car commercial brings the personality of a Honda to life through a 60-person choir singing the sounds of a car's journey. Your own Honda’s engine may not sound as beautiful, but it’ll be close.


What will Honda come up with next? With its history of commitment to customer satisfaction, craftsmanship, and innovation, their engineering and marketing teams will surely not disappoint.


Regardless of who wins The Big Game, Kuni Honda is committed to providing the same level of customer service as Honda themselves. Proudly serving the Denver metro area, Littleton, Parker and Centennial, CO, our dealership is your source for awesome deals on your favorite new Honda models and used cars. Contact us at (720) 636-7000 or tour our showroom at 10750 E Arapahoe Road in Centennial. And enjoy the gridiron action on February 4th!

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