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The previous Honda HR-V was a stellar subcompact SUV that stayed at the top of the ranks on sites like US News. It was number three with the strongest ratings in safety and performance. The redesign model has many of the same mechanical features, but it has a bold new face and body, too. Here's some information about the 2019 Honda HR-V near Denver CO. You can contact Kuni Honda for a review of this model after you've absorbed all the information.

Denver CO - 2019 Honda HR-V's Overview

Exterior - 2019 Honda HR-V

Most changes that you're going to see in the redesign HR-V are going to be in its face and body. The grille will be wider and more defined than it ever before was. The manufacturer gave the model a more luxurious appeal to it. The LEDs will be sharp like diamonds, as well. You would have large wheels and another amazing assortment of colors from which you may choose to suit your personality. Mostly, the changes that the manufacturer made added an additional layer of prestige to the vehicle's body. You'll need to visit the dealership serving Golden, Highland Ranch and Denver to review and understand what that means fully.

Denver CO - 2019 Honda HR-V's Exterior

Interior - 2019 Honda HR-V near Denver CO

The previous HR-V model was a very solid vehicle. You won't see a lot of changes between the 2018 model and the 2019 model in the interior area. The interior has a heap of features that give you the highest level of comfort. The car can seat up to five people, which means that it's pretty spacious. Next, you will get to enjoy things like heated front seats and the automatic climate control, which adds to your comfort. Some of the models will have the one-touch power moonroof and a cabin that's quite spacious. Like the manufacturer says, it's crafted for your convenience. Therefore, it'll be the perfect choice for you if you love being accommodated.

Denver CO - 2019 Honda HR-V's Interior

Mechanical - Honda HR-V specs near Denver

The model will have a busload of technology just like it did in the previous model, and it will have a few additional goodies. The features that you see on this model in the tech field are features like Bluetooth wireless technology, rear-view camera, a sharp premium sound system with four speakers, Magic seats and more. You'll also have access to things like the 7-inch display, the Link system and the push button system. The Honda link lets you connect your mobile device to the car so that you can stream music and connect on your social media accounts. You can find out some new information and review it at the dealership serving Golden Highland Ranch Denver.

Denver CO - 2019 Honda HR-V's Mechanical
Powertrain - Honda HR-V specs near Denver

The motor that the 2019 Honda HR-V near Denver CO comes with is the same as the one that was on the previous model. It is a 1.8-Liter I4, and it delivers 141 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. One thing that did change was the standard manual transmission. The manufacturer decided to pull the plug on the manual transmissions. So, the redesign HR-V is not going to have a manual transmission. If you are a fan of stick shifts, you will not have that option. You will have features like the variable-ratio electric power steering, which you will most likely enjoy. Contact Kuni Honda serving Golden Highland Ranch Denver for more info.

Redesign Model Safety Features

Now we need to look at the safety features. The previous model had its highest scores in the safety category. This model has a large suite of safety features. The daytime running lights will give you more clarity all day long. The foundation of the vehicle is crafted from high-strength steel that has been able to protect people in test run crash scenarios. You're also going to have a multi-angle rear-view camera that will give you three different angles so that you can view your surroundings at all times. The ability to view your surroundings will lessen the possibilities of accidents and mischief. Other features that the models have are lane watch and roof rails on certain trims. Lane watch is something that will help you to change lanes without getting into an accident. It'll use the 7-inch display and your audio touchscreen to help you move over safely. The vehicle has a world of additional safety features, but you need to talk to a specialist so that you can hear about all of them.

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Contact Kuni Honda so that you can get a close look at the fabulous redesign HR-V. The test-drive is almost the last part of the process, and you have to go through it so that you make the right choice. It's where you honestly get to know the vehicle that you are thinking about purchasing on a deeper level. You need to take this 15 to 20-minute drive so that you can see what it's like behind the wheel and talk to the salesperson about any trim differences, pricing issues and so on. When you're done negotiating and deciding, you can then go on to the next step, which is dealing with the finance department. They are your advocates, and they will help you secure a fantastic deal.

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