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2017 Honda Fit EX

Overview of the 2017 Honda Fit EX

Modern vehicles are rapidly evolving, leading to some interesting design choices. Engineers are constantly straining to create more powerful cars with greater reliability, excellent driver comfort and a number of tech savvy features, all while keeping costs as low as possible if not getting cheaper. The Fit EX is described by Honda as a four-wheeled fashion statement, but it offers more than looks.

The Fit EX is sporty, fun, visually distinctive and reasonably priced. With the Fit EX, the low opening price comes with a number of features a modern driver would demand, while upgrades and additional packages can ensure even greater connectivity and entertainment options. With standard safety features and fun baked into the engineered recipe, the Fit EX is sure to satiate the hunger of any prospective car buyer.

Interior - 2017 Honda Fix EX

2017 Honda Fit EX Interior Big time comfort comes in a small package. Honda's considerably engineering talent was utilized to craft an interior in the compact Fit that provides a full sized sedans comfort. This competent hatchback manages to provide cargo room, rear seat leg room and a comfortable seating arraignment for the driver. When it comes to driver experience, by the way, Honda designed an absolute jewel of a driver experience suite, producing an interior that suits a drivers every need. The dashboard and center console were designed to optimize space and the economical utility results in a visually pleasing but expertly built control cluster featuring a large touch screen and steering wheel controls. All of this is paired with soft touch comfort cloth and a standard power moon roof. Sometimes, big time comfort and convenience can come in small packages!

Exterior - Honda Fit EX

2017 Honda Fit EX Exterior

Honda designed the Fit EX to be more than just some compact car; they sought to build the most engaging and exciting compact car on the market. The exterior design is yet another demonstration of Honda's renowned ability to build the best vehicles on the market, matching strikingly aerodynamic features with an attractive veneer to give the Fit EX a distinctively unique appearance. The Fit EX manages to pack a premium car look into a smaller size, giving the confident look of a full sized car without the awkward or rickety appearance that many of Honda's European rivals have. If people bought cars based on looks alone, the Fit EX would have huge sales.

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2017 Honda Fit EX Powertrain

Honda took the aggressive approach with the Fit EX. There is an old adage that just enough is plenty, and when it comes to the Honda Fit EX, that could not be more true. Honda designed a 1.5L direct injection engine that produces a respectable 130hp, but they paired that 1.5L direct injection engine with a CVT, or constantly variably transmission. The CVT system utterly eliminates any shifting complications, as the transmission is constantly spinning; rather than needing to shift into gears, the transmission is perpetually spooling. Shift lags are utterly eliminated with such a system, meaning those 130hp are not being held up or delayed. Make no mistake about it, the Fit EX is not a sports car, but it has plenty of pep, especially at its weight, giving this particular compact vehicle a surprising amount of energy on the highways or accelerating out of a red light.

2017 Honda Fit EX Mechanical

Honda knows better than any other company that a pretty exterior and well designed interior are nice, but the car still needs to drive well. Well aware of the driving requirements a car like the Fit EX, Honda built a car that can do it all, building the Fit EX on a sturdy, mechanically sound platform. The suspension system is streamlined to create a surprisingly comfortable and stable ride on any driving surface. The Honda Fit EX was designed with a nimble chassis designed specifically for the quick reflexes sometimes required for city driving; that same philosophy creates a genuinely fun car to drive on the twisty mountain roads of the country side as well. This is a compact car which is big fun in open spaces.

Safety - Contact Kuni Honda
2017 Honda Fit EX Safety

The Honda Fit EX was built to last, both in terms of reliability and also in terms of potential emergencies. The Fit EX is also built with the so called "ACE" structure in its front, a system designed to dissipate frontal impact crash energy around the roll bar and crash structure, keeping any potential danger from getting into the interior, better ensuring safety for the driver. Every Honda Fit EX comes with a standard multi-angle rear view camera and additional driver safety aids such as electronic stability control to keep your vehicle on track at all times, lane departure warnings to grab your attention if your concentration is drifting and multiple airbags in the front.

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A short written description is useful to an extent, but you won't know how great the Honda Fit EX truly is until you come down to your local Honda dealership to take a look at it for yourself. Your local dealers knowledgeable and professional staff will be sure to assist you find the Fit EX that best suits your needs. Put down the reading material, pick up the phone and schedule your complimentary test drive today!

*The above information is regarding the base model 2017 Honda Fit EX
.  Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact  Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.

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