Kuni Honda - 2015 Pilot SE Sales & Service to Littleton & Denver, Colorado shoppers.

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2015 Honda Pilot SE sales from Centennial to Denver and Littleton SUV shoppers.*

Overview of the 2015 Honda Pilot SE available in Centennial serving Littleton Colorado from Kuni Honda.
Where do you turn when you have a family that requires plenty of space, not just for them, but for all of their cargo as well? What if you don't want to sacrifice thee driving dynamics and the fuel economy of a crossover for the larger SUV's that can barely fit into a parking space? Finally, what are you to do, when you want all of this and still aren't willing to sacrifice all of your style for a minivan? The answer is an easy one, the 2015 Honda Pilot SE gives you all of the features you need, without losing any style points along the way. Offering great fuel economy, incredible passenger and cargo space, and plenty of power for the road, you can't go wrong with the 2015 Pilot SE.

Interior  2015 Honda Pilot SE l Littleton Area SUV Sales
The place where you are going to be spending most of your time with your 2015 Honda Pilot SE is in the cabin. We all care about the exterior design of our vehicles, and the 2015 Honda Pilot SE delivers there as well, but the often neglected interior is where you really will learn to love or to hate your vehicle. The 2015 Honda Pilot SE delivers when it comes to a comfortable interior, first and foremost, when it comes to space. No material, or luxurious design will ever make up for cramped quarters, and the 2015 Honda Pilot SE gives you plenty of room for passengers. This doesn't mean that the 2015 Honda Pilot SE doesn't still give you those luxurious touches as well. 
Exterior  Kuni Honda l 2015 Pilot Sales in Centennial to Denver, CO Area
The exterior of the 2015 Honda Pilot SE is a perfect example of the idea that a vehicle doesn't have to sacrifice all of its looks just to be family friendly and safe. The 2015 Honda Pilot SE gives you the kind of design that you will be proud to be seen around town in. The larger body of the 2015 Pilot SE gives you an aggressive and determined look. With the SE option package your 2015 Honda Pilot SE will look better than ever. You will get the body colored door handles and mirrors that add mountains of style to the already sharp body along with the sunroof which gives you that extra flair and great view of the world. Near Centennial, CO.
Mechanical  Colorado Honda Dealership - Internet Sales to Denver & Littleton, CO
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The 2015 Honda Pilot SE  offers you more than just a large vehicle in which you can transport a hoe lot of people and all of their things. You get more than just the great looks and the plush interior as well. With the 2015 Honda Pilot SE you will get a machine that knows how to handle itself on the road as well as a little bit off of the road too boot. The 2015 Honda Pilot SE offers you a driving dynamic that will be sure to please. The steering is responsive and the suspension offers just enough give for you to have a nice and soft ride without too much so that you lose some of the tight cornering ability. Serving Denver and Littleton Pilot shoppers.
Powertrain   2015 Honda Pilot SE - Specials, Quotes & Lease offers l Kuni Honda
The handling of the 2015 Honda Pilot SE is a thing to behold, but without power, handling just isn't a thrilling experience. The 2015 Honda Pilot SE gives you plenty of power to get you around town, and then some more to ensure that when you want to have some fun on the road you just have to step on the accelerator a little more. The 2015 Honda Pilot SE is powered by a 3.5 liter V6 which gives you a truly impressive 250 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain can get you from zero to sixty in just 8.9 seconds when equipped with the AWD package. 
Safety  Request a Quote on the 2015 Pilot serving Littleton & Denver, CO l Centennial
The 2015 Honda Pilot SE is known for offering a great vehicle for families both large and small. This is some seriously precious cargo that the 2015 Honda Pilot SE has been tasked with carrying, and engineers at Honda know that their safety is your top priority. With this in mind you can expect to find only the most advanced and well planned safety features available in the 2015 Pilot SE. Of course you will find the standard items such as the front and side airbags, the anti lock brakes and the traction and stability control, but what you may not expect to find are the extras like rear parking sensors.  Near Denver and Littleton in Centennial, CO.
*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 Honda Pilot SE. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used Honda Pilot you're inquiring about.