2015 Honda Pilot EX - Centennial Dealer serving Denver Littleton CO

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Overview of the 2015 Honda Pilot EX available serving Centennial near Denver and Littleton from Kuni Honda. 

One of the neatest vehicles in the making is the Honda Pilot and since the beginning, Honda has put some of their best work into this model. The new Honda Pilot EX in its 2015 year is prepared for all kinds of situations and the newest technology has been built into the inner workings of this fine model. A great option regarding the EX trim model is that it comes in either a two wheel or a four wheel drive which lets the driver decide where they will be using it the most. It is optimal for a trip to the mountains with the family or friends as it has room for plenty of cargo or sporting equipment. It is also just fine for the city as it is small enough to fit in may areas while it remains highly efficient on gas; especially the two wheel drive models. Overall, the new Pilot EX embodies everything that a new crossover SUV should have and it does this with comfort and style. 



2015 Honda Pilot EX Interior The inside of the latest Honda Pilot EX in the 2015 year is loaded with features and starting with a tri-zone climate control system and very visible and easy to use displays and controls, passenger and driver comfort is a simple process. The new Pilot EX 2015 also has a lot of options for audio entertainment and with a standard 240 watt speaker system and many inputs for customization of music preferences, the Pilot is excellent for travels. The interior is quite spacious and can fit several comfortable passengers along with plenty of cargo or equipment.  



2015 Honda Pilot EX Exterior

Looking at the Pilot from the outside, there are several things that make it a highly appreciated vehicle. It is one of the newest designs and it has a similar appearance to some of the best luxury models on the market. The new Honda Pilot EX is built for performance and comfort and with a relatively high clearance from the ground, it can overcome the winter and off-road obstacles. The Pilot in the EX trim model is also equipped with roof rails in order to attach further equipment and cargo storage making it easy to carry more than any typical car. Centennial Honda dealer. 


2015 Honda Pilot EX Powertrain

As mentioned, the new Pilot EX models are powerful and the 3.5 liter engine that is built into these have the high performance capability which is assisted with the latest in engine components. This engine yields a total of 250 horsepower and that is from the V6 layout. Thanks to things like the 24 valve dual overhead cam and the innovative Drive-By-Wire system this motor is very responsive and capable of overcoming a variety of obstacles. This vehicle starts up smoothly with a direct ignition system and is cooled by a heavy duty radiator.  


2015 Honda Pilot EX Mechanical

Some seriously high standards are in place for the new 2015 Honda Pilot EX and like the other trim models in the line, this one keeps the pressure going. Each Pilot is built with a very powerful 3.5 liter engine and with the option of four wheel drive, there is virtually no where that the 2015 Pilot EX can not go. While it is powerful, it also keeps a high efficiency rating and this vehicle is considered a ULEV 2 vehicle. That is one of the best rated vehicles for the environment and it will uphold some strict standards for gas consumption. This will also save on fuel costs in the short and long run. 


2015 Honda Pilot EX Safety

Like all new Hondas, the 2015 Pilot EX trim models have things like a Vehicle Stability Assist and also with that comes traction control which are in place to keep the vehicle in the best of conditions. This vehicle is good for children, too and the special Honda LATCH system allows for kids to be buckled in safely and comfortably. Plenty of airbags are placed throughout the cabin and when it comes to checking things like fuel, oil or tire pressure, there is no need for the driver to even get out of the vehicle.  

*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 Honda Pilot EX
.  Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.