2014 Honda Civic EX Overview l Denver Area, Littleton in Centennial, Colorado

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Internet Specials on the 2014 Honda Civic EX to Denver and Littleton, Colorado car shoppers.

2014 Honda Civic EX available in the Denver and Littleton Colorado area from Kuni Honda.
What to do next, is a tough question indeed when you already have one of the top selling and most well respected vehicles on the road. Luckily for us the engineers and designers at Honda know that the right thing to do when you have this kind of formidable combo already in your repertoire is not to do a drastic redesign. We are very grateful for this knowledge as the Civic has continuously improved on itself with smaller and better thought out plans.

Interior  2014 Honda Civic EX l A Great Car For the Denver Area

The interior design of the Civic has always been one of the high points of this iconic model. Not only has Honda always believed in filling their interiors with only the finest quality of materials, but the Civic itself has always been at least one or two steps ahead of the competition thanks to it's attention to detail, especially in the interior design and craftsmanship departments. In no other small sedan or coupe will you find the kind of fit and finish of cabin and passenger compartment that is the norm for the Honda Civic. 
Exterior  Colorado Honda Dealer - 2014 Civic EX Sales

The Honda Civic isn't just pretty on the inside. The exterior styling has long been known as one of the best in it's class. Not only does the Civic offer you the kind of styling that you have long expected from this top selling sedan and coupe, but you also get the instant brand recognition that comes from the name Honda. Sleek and sporty styling that still manages to look classy enough to pull into the office parking lot is the key to why this vehicle is so appealing to such a wide variety of consumers. You just have to come and take a look for yourself at Kuni Honda.
Mechanical  Serving Denver and Littleton from Centennial, CO

Among all of the features that have set the Honda Civic apart from the rest of the pack, one of the most often cited is the way that the Civic can compose itself on the road. Thanks in part to the rigid unibody construction, in part to the lower ride height, and in large part to the well designed suspension that graces every model of the Honda Civic you will get, by far, one of the best handling economy sedans or coupes on the road. Of course the very best way to put the Civic to the test is to come down and test drive one at Kuni Honda today.  Centennial dealer near Denver, Colorado.
Powertrain  2014 Honda Civic EX l Information - Centennial, Colorado

One of the areas that has always distinguished the Honda Civic and quite possible the thing that has helped to push the Civic into the consumer lime light and keep it there for so many years, is the phenomenal fuel economy that you get with each and every model of the Civic on the road. Honda was one of the pioneers of well designed 4 cylinder powertrains that don't skimp on delivering the power to the wheel , but that also manage to keep the fuel consumption in check. With the Civic you get the perfect blend of reliability, economy, and power.  Near Littleton, CO.
Safety  Request Specials or a Quote on the 2014 Honda Civic EX - Kuni Sales

Of course, everything else that the  Civic can deliver to you is for naught if you can't trust this machine when it comes to putting your family in the cabin with you. Honda hasn't become the brand it is today, however, by cutting any corners when it comes to safety. You can rely on the 2014 Civic, just as you have been able to rely on every other Honda on the road for the utmost in safety performance. Whether we are talking about active systems such as anti lock brakes, or passive systems like airbags, the Civic delivers you the peace of mind you demand. 
*The above information is regarding the base model 2014 Honda Civic EX. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used model you're inquiring about.