Air Filters 101 -- Why Clean Air is Important


Air Filters 101


Air Filters-Who Breathes What?


When it comes to air filters, both you and your car are breathing filtered air whether you realize it or not.


In Colorado, we are fortunate to live in an environment that produces 300+ days of sunshine annually.  The drawback from all of this beautiful, dry weather is that it produces a great deal of pollutants that become airborne.  Air Filters remove this debris permitting you and your car to breathe easier.


What You Breathe


The air that you breathe inside the cabin of your car is filtered through a Cabin Air Filter.  Very similar in function to the furnace filter in your home, Cabin Air Filters trap a wide range of irritating and harmful pollutant particulates and provide fresher air for you and your passengers.  A Dirty Cabin Air Filter will contain such environmental villains as:  Pollen, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Smoke, Road Dust, Exhaust Chemicals, Dust Mites.




Cabin Air Filters should be changed every 12,000 - 15,000 miles. 


What are the Benefits?


Not only will a New Cabin Air Filter improve the quality of the air inside your vehicle, but it will also significantly improve the air flow from your vehicle's heating and air conditioning system.  A New Cabin Air Filter can also eliminate that stale, musty odor you may smell from the air vents. 


What Your Car Breathes


The air that your car breathes is filtered through an Engine Air Filter.  Again, similar to the furnace filter in your home, Engine Air Filters trap the same pollutant particulates and provide fresher air for your vehicle to operate.




Engine Air Filters should be changed every 12,000 - 15,000 miles.


What are the Benefits?


A New Engine Air Filter will increase gas mileage, reduce emissions, allow optimal air-flow and improve engine performance.  Having your Engine Air Filter changed regularly will protect the engine and vital internal engine parts from excess wear and damage that result in potentially expensive engine repairs.

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