2016 Honda Civic Sedan Denver CO

2016 Honda Civic Sedan serving Denver Littleton in Centennial CO

2016 Honda Civic Sedan

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Denver CO

The Honda Civic has been a favorite among consumers since the very first model came out in 1998. The first Civic was a very small hatchback vehicle that Honda made as an economical answer to daily long-driven tasks. The Civic has since then evolved into a vehicle that provides consumers with the highest level of comfort, fuel efficiency, technology and features. The following is a description of the various aspects of the 2016 Honda Civic. A consumer may ant to look into stopping by a Centennial Honda Civic dealer serving Denver Littleton Colorado and purchasing a 2016 Honda Civic this year. 



2016 Honda Civic Sedan Interior The interior on the Honda Civic Sedan is one that provides the driver and the passengers with 100 comfort and convenience. Consumers will want to call for Honda Civic sales and service in the Denver Littleton area and request a 2016 Civic sedan quote from Kuni Honda after experiencing the interior. Heated seats are a pleasure for a person who gets chilly during wintertime driving. The tech center console storage area provides ample space for a consumer to place sunglasses, cups, important paperwork, tablets, pens, books and other important items. The Dual-Zone Climate Control allows the driver and the passenger to experience comfort on a high scale. The interior is also spacious and comfortable for people who have to take long trips such as vacations and business trips. 



2016 Honda Civic Sedan Exterior

The Honda Civic's exterior is nothing short of beautiful. Each cut in the grille area and the front sides adds to its futuristically sporty appeal. The lights on the rear of the vehicle give it a unique allure that will turn heads. Consumers can choose from a multitude of bold colors when they visit a Centennial Honda Civic dealer serving Denver Littleton Colorado dealer and request a 2016 Civic sedan quote from Kuni Honda. Some of the colors that the company offers are colors such as Cosmic Blue Metallic, Aegean Blue Metallic, Rallye Red, Modern Steel Metallic, Taffeta White and more. 


2016 Honda Civic Sedan Powertrain

The 2016 model of the Honda sedan is a little powerhouse with mighty strength and fuel efficiency that is the highest in the market. The consumers have a choice of going with a 2.0-Liter DOCH i-VTEC motor or a 1.5-Liter Turbocharged DOHC. Both motors are four-cylinders. The 2.0 is capable of producing 158 horsepower, and the 1.5 is capable of producing 174 horsepower, which is quite a kick from such a tiny vehicle. 


2016 Honda Civic Sedan Mechanical

The Civic Sedan has a wide variety of mechanical aspects that consumers can appreciate. One mechanical aspect that consumers can appreciate is the capless fuel system. The Bluetooth wireless technology allows a consumer to connect music headsets, cell phones and other items to the vehicle. Passengers can use the Bluetooth technology to stream audio files, as well. Technology is a huge element of the Civic Sedan. Passengers and drivers have access to a whole world of technological features. Apple CarPlay is an advanced system that allows consumers to use various cell phone features and display them on the screen. Some of the features that a person can access through Apple CarPlay are Pandora Music, maps, messaging, phone calling, music, Audiobooks and iHeart Radio. The Google Android Audio system displays features such as weather and traffic information. SiriusXM Radio is a system that connects the driver with a wealth of music, news and sports. Finally, the advanced Driver Information Interface displays the most crucial vehicle information on the steering wheel so that the driver never has to take his or her eyes off the road. The driver can use the information to view speed, engine temperature, mileage and more. 


2016 Honda Civic Sedan Safety

Safety features have always been an important aspect on Honda's manufacturing list. Consumers can rest assured that they will have improved chances of avoiding an accident as well as added protection if an accident occurs. Some of the most common safety features on the Honda Civic are the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, Lane Keep Assist System, Honda LaneWatch and the Collision Mitigating Braking System. Honda Lane Watch is a system that notifies a driver if he or she is drifting out of the lane. The TPMS system keeps an eye on the tire pressure to ensure that the driver knows when to stop for air. The Collision Mitigation Braking System is an advanced system that initiates braking when it senses that an accident may occur. Forward Collision Warning is another feature that a person can explore when he or she stops by a Centennial Honda Civic dealer serving Denver Littleton Colorado to request a 2016 Civic sedan quote from Kuni Honda. The Honda Civic sales and service in the Denver Littleton area can discuss additional safety options. Contact Honda Civic Sales and Service in the Denver Littleton Area for a Test-drive: An interested person will want to schedule a test-drive and experience the true appeal of the Honda Civic Sedan. A salesperson joins a consumer during a test-drive, and the two persons go on an adventure around the neighborhood to see what the car can do. During the test-drive, the salesperson and the consumer may discuss financing options. The consumer can finalize the decision about buying the vehicle after having the on-road experience. Salespersons are available to schedule a test-drive immediately.

*The above information is regarding the base model 2016 Honda Civic Sedan
. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Kuni Honda with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.